Congrats..Top 5 Best Papers AICoSH 2021

Congrats...Top 5 Best Papers AICoSH 2021

Best Papers : 1.

Iftita Rahmi and Runi Rulanggi ; (The challenges and support for career development of people with disabilities during Pandemic COVID-19)

Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

Best Papers : 2.

Edi Santoso, Dian Bestari, Dwi Pangestuti and Wilibrodus Megandika,; The Role of Village Youtubers in Community Empowerment (theme; comm science)

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

Best Papers : 3.

Istiana Hermawati and Husein Akil ("Dapur Bude": Social Resilience of The Poor / Affected by The Covid-19 Pandemic in The Special Region of Yogyakarta)

Center for Research and Development of Social Welfare Services, Ministry of Social Affair


Best Papers : 4.

Jenny Lukito Setiawan, Amanda Teonata, Laura Thessalonica Oko, Lisa Indriati and Mychael Maoeretz Engel,; Coparenting Relationship: Areas of Challenge and Implications for Training.

Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

Best Papers : 5.

Levina Sandra Supadi, Penny Handayani and Yohana Ratrin Hestyanti; Source of Resilience among Early Adolescent Survivors of Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia (Qualitative Study in Dangiang Village, North Lombok).


Atma Jaya

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