Southeast Asia is among the most populous region with a high level of diversity in terms of religions, ethnolinguistics, or government institution. It has various religious traditions such as Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, Christianity, and many other faiths. Asia also hosts approximately 2,197 spoken languages.
Despite this diversity, Southeast Asia has been committed to move towards a single community both in terms of market or non-market meaning.  Moving towards this single community requires adjustment in policies, perspectives and even values. As an age group which significantly influence many of the countries’ economic production, the youths will also be required to change into that direction.  To create a successful single community of Southeast Asian countries, people-to-people contacts must be established that shared identity could be fostered together.
Fully conducted in English, this international youth camp aims to serve as a primary interaction platform where youth from Southeast Asian countries are encouraged to engage in the efforts to transform their potentials into a youth force for prosperous, just, and inclusive region. Through this camp, youth participants from different cultural backgrounds as well as nationalities will be offered opportunities to understand better the diversity of the region, to build networks with their fellow youth across the region, as well as a platform of exposure to distinct Indonesian culture.

To provide enjoyable and empirical education on the diversity of communities in the region
To promote cultural understanding and cultural exchange among the youth across Southeast Asia
To build networks among  youths in Southeast Asia