Annual International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities 2022


The beginning of 2022 is a challenging year for humanity. Just look at the Covid-19 disaster, which does not seem to have seen a stopping point. Not to mention the occurrence of natural disasters and disasters in the digital space due to human immersion into the digital world. As if they do not care about global conditions that are just about to enter a recovery period, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine adds to the long list of human problems.

Talking about humanity's problems, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is at the center of the world's attention. Being in the world's main spotlight does not mean that it is the only conflict that is happening across the globe. Let us see some conflicts in the world that lead to human rights violations, the endless Israeli-Palestinian war. The US defeat to Taliban insurgents also can not be told as a sign of the end of the conflict in Afghanistan. The cold war happened for almost 44 years and led to the Gray War, which brought the cyber warfare era, and the most recent conflict from the neighboring country, Myanmar, happened due to the coup from Myanmar Armored Forces.

What about conditions in Indonesia? Although the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has not been felt, early 2022 is a period of relative peace in the country. It is said to be relatively peaceful because there have been several domestic and foreign conflicts in its history. Call it the conflict that resulted in the release of East Timor from the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. Several conflicts with neighboring Malaysia. Conflicts have occurred in West Kalimantan between the Dayak and Madura tribes. Social conflicts occurred due to the natural resources of Petroleum in Aceh, and in Yogyakarta, there were several expulsions of immigrants from West Papua. These conflicts at least show that, to a certain extent, the Indonesian people are in recovery post-conflict. Of course, if there is a trigger for a period of confrontation and crisis, it can reappear and harm humanity more.

Furthermore, based on history, war and conflict tend to develop along with human civilization. Call it the difference between World War I and II, or the cold war followed by the gray-zone war. The wars involving the world's countries have developed from just conventional wars, also known as physical wars, to cyber wars. Physical assault methods that deploy heavily armed soldiers are now being supplemented and replaced by soldiers with digital capabilities. From physical to cyber, this space used for war and conflict develops along with human civilization.

Understanding the problems of war and conflicts that occur both within and outside the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, several discussions on the human side seem essential to do. Several interesting topics can be raised, namely how media coverage is inseparable from human life in the 5.0 era. Furthermore, about the social changes that occurred as a result of the conflict and war. Moreover, the discourse on how the psychological impact experienced by humans due to conflict and war. Departing from this, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities UIN Sunan Kalijaga will hold the Annual International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities 2022.


“Humanity in War and Conflict: Beyond Time and Space”