The city of Yogyakarta (also called Yogya, Jogja, or Ngayogyakarta), the capital city of Yogyakarta Special Province, is the 4th biggest city in Indonesia. Although it is relatively small province compared to other provinces, it is well known as The City of Education, since it hosts several reputable universities in Indonesia. It is the first most popular destination for foreign students to study abroad.

The motto of the city “Yogyakarta Berhati Nyaman”  (Jogja Hospitable Living) reflects the condition of this city as the most vibrant and save environment to study. In 2014, “Ikatan Ahli Perencanaan Indonesia” released the Indonesia Livable City Index 2014. The document placed Yogyakarta as one of seven most livable cities in Indonesia, together with Balikpapan, Solo, Malang, Palembang, Makasar and Bandung.

Also well-known as the most popular tourist destination, Yogyakarta is the place of many tourist attractions, restaurants, nightclubs, arcades, shopping districts, and music performance as well as natural spots. From Merapi Mountain in the north, the Palace of Sultan (Keraton) in the middle, and the infamous south beaches in Gunung Kidul, Bantul and Kulonprogo district, Yogyakarta offers various cultural and tourism experiences.