Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FISHUM) has a mission to integrate and develop Islamic studies, social sciences and humanities in education and teaching; to develop the culture of research and religious social advocacy; and to build and develop cooperative projects with with a number of parties to improve academic quality, management and service for society. The Faculty aims to produce scholars of social sciences and humanities who have integrative and interconnective academic and professional abilities, good character, and who are socially responsible. Graduates should also uphold the values of the sciences and humanities, making the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities one of the leading study centers in the integrative-interconnective social science and humanities research field. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers three programs of study:
The Sociology Study Program is designed through a framework of integrating and developing Islamic Studies and Sociology. Graduates from this program will have the opportunity to work in companies and social organizations primarily as researchers, consultants in the field of analysis and social issues, or as designers for community development and empowerment.
The Psychology Study Program is designed to produce graduates able to integrate the psychological sciences with Islamic Studies. Graduates from this program will have employment opportunities as human resource development counselors, with companies and organizations, as educational or clinical counselors, or as researchers.
3.Communication Sciences
The Communication Sciences Study Program is designed to integrate and develop aspects of the sciences and Islamic studies in the development of social communication. It is hoped that this program’s graduates have expertise in the management of public relations and in the analysis of planning concepts and communication policies grounded in a democratic religious understanding. Graduates will find opportunities for employment at advertising firms, in public relations, and as entrepreneurs in the communication industry.